Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eddie's Attic Presents, Tonight At 8pm On GPB On Stage

GPB On Stage features Eddie's Attic Presents Saturday night October 4 at 8pm, just after A Prairie Home Companion. Eddie's Attic is a unique and innovative performance space that focuses on listening to singers performing their songs. The room's intimacy and ambiance make for a close bond between performer and audience. 'The Attic has been a place to work, rest, and woodshed for a number of musicians who've gone on to bigger things (Indigo Girls, John Mayer), as well as a place for the audience to get close to musicians who remain timeless no matter how many records they sell.

Tonight's program includes legendary Atlanta-area guitarist Glenn Phillips, Kevin Lawson and the late Alyssa Hadley, and Gove Scrivenor, among others.


Crnk Mnky said...

2 questions:
1. how can I hear this program again if I missed it?
2. will OnStage cycle between these different themes from week to week (Attic / Medicine / Evening / etc)?

the schedule posted on threw me off. I ended up watching British comedies instead.

Rob Maynard said...

Sorry to confuse you crnk mnky. GPB On Stage is a RADIO program as of this writing. If you are in the Atlanta Metro, your best bet is to listen to the programs streamed online at

Yes, we rotate the Mountain Music and Medicine Show, EveningStar from Sautee Nacoochee, Eddie's Attic Presents, and other special programs throughout the year. Thanks for stopping by.

-Rob Maynard